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At The Helm is Douglas McConnell, the founder of Vissant, and an investment banker with thirty years of experience. Doug has deep experience in all types of corporate financial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions (both sell-side and buy-side), private placements of debt and equity, public new issues of debt and equity, and convertible securities. That experience is in a variety of industries including specialties in technology, applied technology, business services and industrial companies. He is an alumni banker with William Blair & Co. of Chicago. See Douglas McConnell profile in BrokerCheck.

On the Team are select corporate financial professionals asked to partner with Vissant on a project basis, depending on the expertise required and the nature of the challenge. Through these  partnerships and connections that we have solidified over many years, we have access to the best and he brightest in the world of investment banking.

Doug McConnell

Vissant Capital Doug McConnell

Doug and his wife of 31 years, Susan, live in Barrington, Illinois. They have four children aged 19 to 30. Doug has BS degrees in Finance and Accountancy from the University of Illinois, and an MBA Finance from Arizona State University. He is a non-practicing CPA.

Doug is an avid open water and marathon-distance swimmer. He took the name “Vissant” from the French beach on which he landed after swimming the English Channel in 2011.

He founded a nonprofit organization called A Long Swim that uses open water and marathon distance swimming to raise funding for collaborative research. To date, A Long Swim has raised more than $400,000 for ALS. Doug is a 30 year veteran of the Board of Directors of the YMCA Camp Edwards and a 5 year veteran of the Board of Directors of the Les Turner ALS Foundation.

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